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Love is like a stream of water.

A camera has to capture the surging rhythms on the surface, but also the stillness underneath.
The best pictures should likewise capture the different faces of love.

To achieve that, the photographer must understand the stories, experiences and values of his or her subjects.
On some level, I have found that the actual level of photographic skill doesn’t matter so much. Everything is reflected in the photographer’s view of the world and attitude towards everything.

Photography is a reflection of the heart.

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The first time I came into contact with art was around first grade. My mother is an artist, so our home was filled with equipment and paints. In an age without computers, I loved rummaging through that brown bookcase full of books. After school, the house would smell of ink and paint; the scent is still with me today.

The turning point came in my last year of university when I bought a SLR camera. Like many people, I just bought it for fun. Until one day I read about a famous war photographer’s experiences and started studying his photos, and I realised I was very interested in documentary photography. As a result, I started to pick up my camera and photograph different people and stories in the city, kicking off my photography career.

Not long after, I started taking photos professionally and set up an studio with a few photographers. Apart from commercial photography, I also started to do wedding photography. My experience over the past few years allowed me to better understand the sort of photography I liked, and what photographs mean to me and others. Though I have left to set up my own company, I am still thankful to all my colleagues who worked and grew with me.

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I have been showing my photos to my mother in recent years. As an artist, she is very critical about every detail. I receive very direct criticisms, but also praise. The most valuable lesson I learned is how to exhibit realism and beauty in harmony in my photos. My mother always says, “Making people look good is the most basic thing; to understand their hearts, to help them capture priceless moments, that’s the difficult thing. I know you can do it.”

Every person and story exists for a reason. The bookcase I rummaged through as a child, the history books, my path toward becoming a photographer, my mother’s unwavering support, all the way to establishing my own photography company. Of course, there’s also my decision to become a photographer. Everything in life, in fact, does happen for a reason.

Let all that become now known as “Martin Aesthetics”!

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謝謝你的訊息,我會盡快回覆 :)